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3 Bathroom Issues You Should ALWAYS Call a Local Plumber For

There’s nothing wrong with taking the DIY route when dealing with certain repairs around the house. In fact, knowing how to handle simple repairs can come in handy; especially if you can’t get a professional—such as one of the local plumbers in your area—to take a look at the problem right away.

However, tackling every problem by yourself instead of calling a professional just because you think you can? Or just because you want to save some cash?

Not a good idea.

See, there are concerns that really need a pro to fix them. Otherwise, you could end up facing a more serious problem that requires a bigger and more expensive repair job.

But how can you tell when a repair job is within your reach or it’s something you should call a professional for? For example, you can simply check the water meter valve and clean the showerhead if you’re experiencing low water pressure in the bathroom. When the trap under your bathroom sink has a leak, you can tighten it up or replace it with a new one.

So which problems should you actually call local plumbers for?

Draining Takes Longer than Usual

When your sink, toilet, tub, or shower won’t drain as quickly as it used to, you can bet a clog is to blame (because it usually is). However, if over-the-counter drain products or plungers don’t work to clear up the clog, it’s best to call a pro. Not only will they be able to pinpoint the source of the clog, but they can release it without causing more pipe damage—which is what might have happened if you insisted on handling the clog yourself.

There’s Water Running Through the Pipes

3 Bathroom Issues You Should ALWAYS Call a Local Plumber For1If you hear water in the pipes—or in the toilet or bathroom sink—when nobody’s using water, it’s most likely a leak. Before calling a pro, it helps to look for wet or brown spots in places you know the pipes pass through, to help make it easier to pinpoint where the leak is coming from and cut down on the time spent isolating the source.

If the leak is, say, right below the trap in the bathroom sink, then you can likely fix it provided you have the proper tools and materials. It’s important to remember, though, that pipes extend far beyond your floors and walls. In other words, they’re not always so accessible.

Searching for “plumbers near me” and calling the first one who looks promising is a must for trying to minimize the damage caused by this leak.

Water running in the toilet is a variation on this theme, and some local plumbers point out this may indicate the need to replace a worn-out flapper. But if there’s a hissing noise as well, then something in the tank may be damaged or worn. In this case, you’ll be calling a professional for a replacement job, which is a more cost-effective option compared to repair.

Low Water Pressure

If there’s too little water running through your pipes—or worse, none at all—the fix may be as simple as cleaning out the aerator. However, if this doesn’t lead to your water pressure returning to normal, the problem could be more serious. You could be dealing with an eroded waterline or fractured pipe, to name a few.

A similar concern is if there’s no water at all in the whole house, instead of the problem being isolated to just your bathroom. Be sure to check all water outlets to see if none of them are receiving water. If so, it could be that the streetside water meter leading to your house has been severed or else burst, thereby diverting water meant for your house elsewhere.

In either case, calling a pro as soon as possible is your best course of action.

Notes When Searching for “Plumbers Near Me”

When you first need to call on a plumber, running a local search can help you find the ones closest to you. But being able to get to your home in an hour or less isn’t the only indication of a great plumber.

Check whether or not the plumber is certified and has trade association membership where applicable. Then see what sort of reviews they have, especially local plumbers since one bad review can make a big impact on their livelihood, they make the customer’s satisfaction a priority. Then you can be sure your plumbing problem, whatever it is, will be tended to, and with little to no mistakes and very little chance of the problem re-occurring.

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